Favorite Words of Celebrities

Here is the most complete list of celebrities’ favorite words:

Al Gore: Interstitial. Asymptotic

Al Pacino: Anodine

Angelina Jolie: Now

Anthony Hopkins: No (“I’ve spent so much of my life saying “yes,” when I should have said “no.”)

Antonio Banderas: Alegria (Spanish word meaning Joy)

Arianna Huffington: Trust

Arthur C. Clarke: Incarnadine

Ben Stiller: Galaxy

Betty White: Kindness

Billy Crystal: Truth. Charming

Bob Hope: Laughter

Bobby Bob Thornton: Marshmallow

Brad Pitt: Daddy

Bradley Cooper: Energy

Cameron Diaz: Unity

Carol Burnett (American actress): Window

Christopher Walken: Lunch

Clint Eastwood: Tranquilo (“I use tranquilo a lot.”)

Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter): Verdurous (meaning lush green)

Drew Barrymore: Empyrean

Dustin Hoffman: Saga (“Saga, well yes. You know, we have a lot of kids and we for some reason developed a language all of our own. We call it Hoffitalk, and Saga is everything wonderful.”)

Eddie Murphy: New

Ellen Barkin: Serendipity

Ferran Adria (Spanish chef, world’s best cook): Soul

Francis Ford Coppola: Hope. Esperanza

George Carlin: Balalaika (The musical instrument, “it’s just so good to say it”), Skylark (“is a lovely word and it evokes a lovely thing of course.”)

George Clooney: Shitzu (“because you can say it on TV.”)

Gerald Ford: Affirmative

Gloria Estefan: Houndation. Weirdness. Plethora

Harrison Ford: Perfect

Helen Hunt: Kiss

Hillary Clinton: Love

Homer Simpson: Marshmallow

Hugh Grant: Posh

Hugh Jackman: Panache

Hugh Laurie (Doctor Gregory House): Marsupial (an animal)

James Cameron: Can’t

James Franco: Scotch (“just because I like the way it sounds.”)

James Gandolfini: Pickle

Jennifer Aniston: Norman (with a tear in her eye, referring to her 15-year-old Welsh corgi-terrier mix, who died)

Jennifer Lopez: Love

Jim Carrey: Yes

John Cusack: Kinkajou

John Goodman: Hiya

John Travolta: Ambrosia

Johnny Depp: Why

Jude Law: Dad

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Imply

Juliette Binoche: Reconciliation

Kevin Spacey: Welcome

Kiefer Sutherland: Gravitas (“It’s Latin.”)

Larry King: Why

Liam Neeson: Contentment (“I love being content.”)

Liza Minnelli: Swell

Lucille Ball: Beauty

Mario Vargas Llosa (Peruvian writer, Nobel Prize winner): Liberty

Mark Hamill (actor, Luke Skywalker in Star Wars): Pixilated

Mary Kay: You can!

Meg Ryan: Authentic

Melanie Griffith: Exponential

Meryl Streep: Coconut milk

Michael Caine: Tomorrow

Michael J. Fox: Utopia

Michio Kaku: Falsifiable

Mike Nichols: Thighs

Milos Forman: Discombobulated

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

Natalie Portman: Languer

Nicolas Cage: Grace

Norm Crosby (comedian): Apocryphal

Patricia Nixon: Caring

Paul Newman: Try

Ralph Fiennes: Heart

Ray Bradbury: Ramshackle. Cinnamon

Robert De Niro: Refinement

Robert Downey Jr.: Print

Robin Williams: Cloaca. Abbondanza

Ronald McDonald: Laughter

Ronald Reagan: Home

Rose Kennedy: Faith

Russell Crowe: Pusillanimous

Salma Hayek: Evolution

Sam Worthington: Boobies

Sarah Jessica Parker: Fetching

Sean Penn: Hi

Shakira: Mellifluous (that’s her favorite word in Spanish)

Sissy Spacek: Yes

Stephen King: Tenebrous

Steven Spielberg: Yes

Tim Robbins: Mellifluous

Timothy Forbes: American

Tom Cruise: Yes

Tom Hanks: Dad

Whoopi Goldberg: Amour

Will Ferrell: Me

Will Smith: Antidisestablishmentarianism (being against the system)


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