The Project

Let me introduce you a project that my team and I have built specifically for the support of the Favorite Words method. We wanted to give you a powerful tool that will automate most of the things related to this method and remain free for everyone. It’s a website, an application and a social platform all-in-one. And we’ve got a perfect name for it:

This project is a facilitator and storekeeper for your favorite words. It connects people with words. offers a fun and safe way to take all those words that you like for whatever reason and put them on a list, which you can access, manage, tag, share, reorder, and edit anytime and from anywhere.


Favorite Words

Play and Work with the Words You Love

Do you ever think something along these lines? “Wow, I haven’t heard that word lately. I like it, I like it! I must write that down!” But as you fumble for a pen and some paper, a sudden distraction cuts through that moment of reverie and the word is lost. Or have you jotted down these precious words on scratch paper and promptly lost the list, never to find it again? Do you know where your favorite words are right now?

Imagine having a whole list of these words at your fingertips. Instead of relying on memory or randomly spotting them in some reading material or a casual conversation, you can look any of these words up on the same list that you can access anytime. That’s what is about. It lets you make a list of your own favorite words you can access whenever you want.

It happens where sometimes you meet a word you really love and you even write it somewhere, and then before you know it, you don’t remember that word or even where you put it. That’s why you need a secure place to store all those bon mots, as they are called in French. will help you remember them. Your list won’t get lost or disappear. It’s always there whenever you want it. Plus, it’s completely confidential so you’ll never have to worry about other people peeking into your private list unless you decide to make it public.

Even if this was a novel idea to you and you never even thought about which words were your favorites, much less about collecting them, will still get you curious about diving into this process.

So, whether you’re an old pro at making word lists or it’s something new you’d like to try, at we’ll help you keep track of your most-prized words. You’ll add, edit, delete, and reorder your favorite words any way you like. You can make a single word invisible to everyone and to the system; you can make invisible any number of words or your entire profile. You can move your most favorite words to the top words list and you can unlike any word by moving it to the list of deleted words. (You can keep storing them or completely delete by emptying the deleted words list.) You can add a tag to any word to know why it’s in your list. You can also add notes to your words so you can remember. The notes can be public or private.

You can also play a Favorite Words Game by buying and selling words, collecting wordollars, and competing for a top place at “Worbes List.”

Your favorite words will always be waiting for you, right at


Like-Minded People

Find People like You, Meet New Friends

Favorite Words project was designed for individuals willing to find and connect with like-minded people and at the same time improve themselves with the use of favorite words. It is for people from all walks of life and a broad age range. It’s for you.

Aside from acting as a sort of a diary, a creativity booster, or a mood-lifter, it also acts as a social coach of sorts. It allows you to find people like you. The app looks for people who have words in common with you, hence the connection isn’t just random like on most other social sites. In other words, you’ll be meeting people with whom you’ve got a lot in common.

The system will constantly suggest people who have at least one word in common with you. You can instantly send friend requests to suggested people and should they accept, become friends with them. You can also search for people by any keyword that is met among their words or in their profile and send friend requests to them if you have at least one common word. (Hint: if you have no words in common but still want to become friends, just choose any word from their list, add it to yours, and then request friendship.) You can send private messages to your friends and your entire conversation history is stored within the same window for your convenience. You can also conveniently invite your outside friends and relatives to the site and see how much you have in common with them. Plus, there are various word-games on the site you can play alone or with your friends. And there are widgets as well: news, weather, search, time and date, bookmarking, etc.

It is obvious that words connect people. We mostly communicate with words, so the idea of finding like-minded people through their commonly chosen words makes perfect sense. It is very likely that people with common favorite words are somewhat alike. The more words they have in common, the more alike they are in that they have similar interests, preferences, and tastes. These people have close intellectual and spiritual levels, too. Connecting to people like you is easier than ever thanks to

It’s not accidental that you like certain words more than others – your favorite words actually describe you. Our own experiment showed that people favoring same words are more likely to have more things in common:

We have conducted our own email research where we have received over seven hundred responses of people listing their three favorite words and a reason per each word. By the way, I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to participate in this research. I have included many interesting responses in the appendix of this book. Those people who had all three words in common (sixteen people) and sixteen more people with completely diverse choices all were asked to take these two personality tests:

After analyzing the results, it turned out that people with identical common words had much closer results than those with diverse words.

The application is aiming at proving this fact but on a much larger scale.

Someone, somewhere on this planet, in another country or living next door, has chosen identical words to yours. How much do you think you have in common with that person? It would most likely be a lot. At, you’ll be able to connect with people similar to you. It can be one of the best ways to find soul-mates, friends, business partners, creative teams, you name it. It’s a new step in social networking.

This project is for everyone: Celebrities and ordinary people all have their own favorite words. If you ask people about their favorite words, they’ll answer with a few words right away without much thought. People love sharing their favorite words and explaining why they like them. James Lipton, the host of “Inside the Actors Studio,” an American television show airing on Bravo, asks about a favorite word from all his celebrity guests. Lewis Burke Frumkes devoted his entire book “Favorite Words of Famous People” (Delacorte Press, NY, 1995) asking famous people what their favorite words were and why. Vick Knight did the same with his book “My Word!” (Aristan Press, Canyon Lake, CA, 1996.) A great number of famous people have their own favorite words they love to share and even explain why they love their words. One of this books appendices includes a big list of favorite words of celebrities.

The need for finding like-minded people is there. People want to socialize with those alike simply because they’ll understand each other better and will find a lot of things in common, allowing for a fulfilling social experience. It is easier to choose a few favorite words than fill out long questionnaires. allows you to access people who are driven with exactly the same forces that drive you. You can connect to people like YOU.

If you are not into socializing at all, that’s also an option at You can quickly set your profile to private or friends-only and thus either just stay with yourself there or only socialize with your close friends.

The members of Favorite Words are positive people because they focus on something they like instead of complaining, or concentrating on negative things in their daily lives. You are in a good company. You surround yourself with positive people. You spend more time with people who are supportive, energetic, interesting, and again, positive. Unlike negative people, optimists will encourage you to be active and live a joyful life. It is essential to socialize with the right people. You are who your friends are. If you are among successful people, you simply can’t be unsuccessful. If you are among losers, there is no way you’ll start winning. It’s your choice who to be and it depends on you to choose. Find and choose great people at


World of the Word

Put It All Together, Create Your Own Worlds

So, you have found a lot of like-minded people. Now what? You could simply socialize with them, private message each other, share things like you would do on many other sites, but we’ve decided to take it one step further.

Authors of books can create whole worlds just with words. And what they create can touch the bottoms of our hearts. Their words can make us smile or cry, even if none of what was written in the book took place in reality. Words create emotions. Words create worlds. And you can too. At, you can get additional information related to each of your favorite words: meanings, wiki entries, news, books, videos, and more – all on the same page. This will help you filter the endless stream of daily information into only the most relevant and interesting items. All you need to do is to click a magnifier-icon below any word and the “World of the Word” will open to you instantly.

Together with other people who love the same words, you can edit things, add your own thoughts, ideas, other stuff, and save it to create a world of any word.

Behind every word there is a whole world. A world created by your mind being unique to you and your life.

Let’s take the word “animal,” for example. People will probably imagine and think of different animals. Some might even call some humans by that word. One word can have different meaning for every person. The word “apple” means both a fruit and a tech company; “cookies” could be desserts or web-browser cookies. Apple uses cookies on their website to collect data about its users; cookies contain apples or can be shaped as apples.

Why do people have favorite words? Some people like what the word means (Chocolate.) Others like the sound of the word (Rococo.) Still others are proud of having learned a difficult word (Ambidexterity.) Why do you like some words better than others? You can share that at and thus help us build a huge database of reasons why the world’s best words are loved. Social media experts agree that collaborative work and co-creativity will play the most important roles in future social networking. We are already building it at

The World of the Word pages (we call them WoW) contain people’s notes. The notes are the reasons why people like that word, their own definitions, thoughts, and ideas.

It is possible to know the changes in society by simply conducting research on the top ten favorite words of different groups (geographical, social, gender-based, age-based, professional, race-based, organizational, educational, etc.) Current trends are thus illustrated. You can then compare them against things past to see what or how values have changed.

An acclaimed creativity expert and author, Michael Michalko, suggests that: “A person’s favorite words may go a long way in revealing his or her changing lifestyle, values, beliefs and changing needs. The words may also suggest how people are reacting to the challenges of the present and the future.”

We are currently building a collaborative filtering system at Our system will make recommendations to you based on the choices of users sharing the same favorite words with you. What they love might be something you’ll love too: movies, books, sites, songs, goods, services, activities, places, people, etc. Collaborative filtering is a process of filtering for information or patterns using techniques involving collaboration among multiple agents, viewpoints, data sources, etc. The words “Customers who bought this also bought” are cues of social proof. This is a very well known persuasive principle of social psychology. Offers that are accompanied by a social proof message will be more effective than those with a merely neutral message (“You could also try”.) In other words, and as stated in Wikipedia: if a person A has the same opinion as a person B on an issue, A is more likely to have B’s opinion on a different issue x than to have the opinion on x of a person chosen randomly. This is what we are working on at



Who We Compete With and How We Can Beat Them

Social networks are not new anymore. They are here to stay, but people want them to be better, more sophisticated, and dedicated to something. And most of all, people want them to be useful. Social networks can’t be time-wasters. They need to bring an additional value.

Favorite Words is useful for its members and advertisers, and it does bring additional value. For a member, it is a self-improvement tool that works, is easy to use, and serves as a simple way to meet like-minded people from around the world. Plus, it offers ads that are always relevant to what members already like. For an advertiser, it is an affordable solution with a potentially high return on investment. When people see ads relevant to their favorite words, they are more likely to click and convert into customers than they are on other social sites.

There is no direct competitor for Favorite Words because it’s a unique idea that is taking a new space, but there are a number of indirect competitors. They include self-improvement apps and sites, social networks, dating sites, naming/branding services, professional orientation companies, psychological help entities, different types of social games and word games, and online or mobile advertising agencies. None of them can compete directly with Favorite Words because they lack a number of features that it has to offer.

Social networks are overcrowded by strangers and unwanted friends and have some serious privacy concerns;, on the other hand, lets you meet only like-minded people and doesn’t require any personal details. Self-improvement sites are complex and take time; is fast and easy to use. Dating sites make you fill in long questionnaires and profiles, plus there is a lot of scam there; is a no-brainer while matching results can be as great. Advertising networks offer expensive ads or they are not effective; offers high conversion rates at low costs. Ads are always relevant to people’s interests because they are based on their personal favorite words.

Favorite Words positions itself as a unique and easy-to-use tool for self-improvement as well as an original social network that connects you to only like-minded people. It is also a one-stop portal for people to dive into their own worlds and get everything related to their words aggregated from the Internet. The project grows into a number of other directions and plans to become a huge Internet portal down the road.


Future Plans

See Yourself as Part of Our Project

The top priority of is to help people improve in a simple yet efficient way. By doing so, we plan to become a popular website and mobile application. It is good for society, and it also helps people understand themselves better, heal themselves naturally, and find their matches for life, friendship, or business, all by spending a great time on the cool site. We believe in bringing value to society, and we want to do so in a clear, honest, and convenient way.

The simplicity of the concept plus the elegant implementation is the formula that gives the project a chance to become very popular. We plan to be available in all popular world languages and on all popular devices, add tons of new features and enhancements, and eventually reach millions of active members in a few years.

If you see yourself helping us reaching our ambitious goals, you are welcome to offer your support. We need more developers and creative talent, marketers and investors. You can even join forces with us to participate in brainstorming and discussing ideas for Favorite Words.

We do have certain requirements for our team. We are actively searching for people possessing web development, server administration, and writing and marketing skills. We also seek enthusiasts with connections (influencers, celebrities, big community owners), and financial prowess. To join us, please send a short introduction explaining what exactly you can help us with and why we should include you on the board. Not just anyone can invest into Favorite Words though. We need to know your background, your financial situation, why you are interested, and your business philosophy. We only want like-minded people on board. (Yes, we do need to have common favorite words with you.) Send us your details along with your investor inquiry. Most of all, we need more members, people who will benefit from our application and the method. So, everyone is welcome to sign up at and enjoy it.

Take time to get to know yourself better, to be yourself better, and to meet people with whom you have a lot in common. Make your own list of favorite words with It’s all free, so it’s definitely worth a try.