Where to Find Your Favorite Words


Favorite words: some of them just sound great to your ear, others stand out because of what they mean or what associations they bring you. Then there are words you like for no apparent reason. So, where exactly do you get new favorite words for your list?

There are a lot of ways to find your favorite words and add them to your list. Let’s get the process started. Let’s collect your favorite words.


Answer the questions below with one word or a number of separate words. Word combinations are fine too. The questions are really simple and straightforward, and they will help you collect a lot of favorite words, possibly hundreds of them. Write the words in the spaces given below each item. You can add the words at our free website at, too. This application was created for you to manage your favorite words and find like-minded people.

So, here goes:

o   What is your name? What other names do you really like for any reason? What are your kids’ names? Favorite boy’s name, girl’s name?

o   What do your family and friends call you? How did your mom call you in your childhood? How does your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband call you? What words do you like to hear about you from others?

o   What do you love to do in your spare time? What is your favorite hobby or your most preferred activity?

o   What games do you love to play?

o   What things, objects do you like most? Are you addicted to anything?

o   Who are your favorite people?

o   What animals do you adore?

o   What do you like to eat?

o   What sports do you love?

o   What are the best countries, cities, and places in the world?

o   How would you describe the country or city you live in or lived before or even just visited, with only one word?

o   Your favorite products or brands?

o   What foreign words do you like most?

o   The best feeling or emotion on earth is?

o   What are your favorite nouns? Verbs? Adjectives?

o   What professions do you admire? What do you like about your work?

o   In one word, what is your rest formula? Imagine taking a break. How do you spend your free time? Think of words that describe that experience.

o   Do you remember your life’s best moments? Any words that could be the keys to reminding yourself about those experiences?

o   Your favorite books’ titles? Magazines? Newspapers?

o   Your favorite songs? Movies?

o   Your favorite websites? Blogs?

o   How would you name your restaurant? Your boat? Your company? Your brand? Your band? Your sports team? Your book? Your pet? Your jet? Your own planet? Try to name each of these.

o   Which words do you find most magical, romantic, or mysterious?

o   Which words fascinate you? Encourage or enlighten you? Inspire you to become more confident and creative? Which ones bring new thoughts and imagination or at least amuse and entertain you?

o   What two- and three-letter words do you like most? What long words excite you the most?

o   What are your favorite shapes, elements, colors, and numbers?

o   Favorite time in history, favorite famous people (past or present)?

o   What would you like to get on your birthday or for Christmas? Any of these ideas are your favorite words – add them!

o   What are your joys? What are your dreams?

o   What are the most amazing things in life?

o   How would you describe your ideal world with a list of words?

o   What do you value in life? List a few of life values that are really important to you with one- or two-word responses.

o   What is life? Answer with just one word. Now describe life in two words or in three words. These answers can be your favorite words too.

o   Who are you? In one word! Give yourself a few one-word definitions. Now try describing yourself with two or three words.

o   If you had only one last word to say – what word would that be and why? What about a few last words?

o   What would you choose to have written on your gravestone when you die? Try it with one word or a list of a few separate words.

  • Look around you right now – from what you see, what are your favorite words?
  • Read something on paper or on the internet, and pick your favorite words from there.
  • Do you like to write? Study your works and figure out which words you use the most.
  • Do you text or chat a lot? See which words you use more often than others and add them as your favorite words.
  • Which words do you like to use a lot in your daily speech? What are the words that capture meaning and nuance like no others that you might even craft a sentence around just to use them?
  • Recall memorable conversations with people – what words come to mind? Those words could be added to your list as well if you liked how they sounded or what they meant to you.
  • Steal from others! At you can see anyone’s favorite words unless they made their profile private or for friends only. Whenever you stumble upon words you really like, just add them to your list.
  • Think euphony. The sound of which words do you like most, what words sound wonderful to your ear? What words do you love saying out loud a lot?
  • Go alphabetically: which words do you love for any reason starting from A? Then B, and so on until you reach Z, then you can start over.
  • Can anything else make it to be in your favorite words list?

Your answers to any or all of these questions and suggestions are your favorite words!


Here is how you can know if your answers were right. Well, any answer is the correct answer. Just be honest with yourself. By the way, there is one simple hack to recognize a favorite word. When you meet this word (when you hear it, see it, read it, write it, say it, think it, imagine it, or use it otherwise), it makes you feel good or wakes something good inside you. The most frequent reason for that is your past. At some point in your life, this particular word had a positive impression on you. This impression was so strong and so great that now you recognize it as special from others. As Dr. Cora Besser-Siegmund explains in her book: Magic Words: Der minutenschnelle Abbau von Blockaden, the word “impression” is the best to describe how it works with your neural impulses: words indeed leave marks (impressions) on cells and neural tracts also known as memory imprints.

You don’t even need to have a reason—your heart knows. And there is no limit to favorite words. You can have as many as you like and collect them all your life. No serious duty goes into collecting words you like; you can do it anytime and anyplace. You can stop for weeks or months and then do it frantically for a day or a week. There are plenty of words; you won’t run out.

Words come and go quickly. It’s easy to forget that new word you heard this morning. The shortest pencil beats the longest memory, so write down words you like. Or better yet, just enter them into your free account.

Please also see the appendices for more ideas on what words could be your favorites. I list my own favorite words with explanations there that you are free to use if they work for you. I also give a list of most popular words, positive words, and the words from various research. You can also meet favorite words of celebrities throughout the book. Get back to this section and to the appendices when you need more words for your list.

Here is one last suggestion on picking favorite words: imagine God came down to earth and established a new law: every human can only use 100 words and not a single word more! Which words out of millions would you choose to be part of your highly limited vocabulary? You would have to pick your words very carefully; it’s a life-size decision, right? That’s how you should choose your words today in your real life. The words you use in your daily speech – when you write, think, or dream – are of top importance. Your favorite words are forming your life, so make sure you choose them wisely.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of favorite words.