The Book and the Method

First of all, thank you for deciding to read this book. With this book, I hope to show you a simple way to solve many complex things in life with a method called Favorite Words. It has effectively served me for many years, and now it will serve you. It will help you make things better and improve your life.

Because we live in a very fast-paced world now, we need quick solutions for just about everything: personal life, work, health, networking, and inspiration. Favorite Words is that kind of solution; it works like a charm and it does the job fast. And it’s really simple. There are just 3 steps:

  1. Create a list of your favorite words;
  2. Use the list to benefit your life;
  3. Ehh… Okay, 2 steps.

Once you start a list of your favorite words, you’ll be able to use it for many benefits in the creative, social, spiritual and career aspects of your life. The book contains the entire list of uses and benefits, a lot of examples, stories, scientific proofs, and other materials to assist you in becoming a better you, all with the help of your favorite words.

This is an original method. Surprisingly, while people keep asking others about their favorite words, nobody has actually done anything about it. shows that this exact question, “What are your favorite words and why?” has been asked hundreds of thousands of times, and that’s just in English language. The results show that people love sharing their favorite words and explaining why they like them, but nobody has offered any useful next steps. After analyzing relevant research (thousands of articles, websites, books, videos, patents, news, applications, games, movies), I can state with confidence that my method is unique. Its uniqueness is not the only advantage of Favorite Words, nor is it the best advantage: what makes it really worth your time is that it works and it’s easy to use.

The Favorite Words method is a quick and easy way to be happy, healthy, successful, creative, smart, and inspired all at once. You will reach your goals with the power of your favorite words.

This book is your day-to-day manual for improving yourself and finding your life’s path. It is accompanied by free membership at, the place to keep the words you love the most and to find people who share the same words. You can sign up there right away and we will talk about this free application separately.

Okay, enough preamble, let’s get to the point. What is this method all about?


Favorite Words

We deal with millions of words in many different languages throughout our lives from our childhoods through our final days. Some of these words stand out by giving us positive thoughts and emotions. They may represent a favorite object or activity, mean something special to us, or simply sound awesome. They are our favorite words. The words you like more than others. They are the words that we need to collect and focus on.

Your favorite words let you concentrate on yourself, on what you like and find interesting, on what’s important. The more words you favor, the more possibilities will open to you. Thinking about each of your favorite words will allow you to better understand yourself and more clearly envision your future. Favorite words will keep positively influencing you for your entire life. When you are in bad mood, you’ll just need to go through your list of favorite words, think about some or all of them, and your mood will lift. This is proven; just try it. There are more benefits your favorite words can offer you. We will talk about them in this book.

I invite you to the world of your favorite words. Each new word chosen to be your favorite will enhance your world and will make it more powerful. It’s going to be your ideal world, a beautiful place where you can find needed escape. Your favorite words will help you solve your problems and improve your life. They are the keys to your happiness, to your stronger insight, and, most importantly, to your life’s mission. The world of your words is waiting for you: you are the one to create it.


What are your favorite words?

You don’t need to answer this question right away. We will have a chance to do this later. But you can start thinking about it already.

Any word can become your favorite for any reason. You might like its meaning, have certain associations with a word, or you might just like how it sounds. It can be your favorite person’s name or a place you love to visit; an object, an activity, a phenomenon. It might bring great memories from your past.

They say that the most favorite word for anyone is their name. Well, it is likely to be true, but in the meantime, a lot of people choose the word “love” when they are asked about their most favorite word. But whatever rings a bell inside you works. It can also be your favorite food or band, color or game, planet or book, digit or brand. It can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. It can be anything, really. Just stir your imagination and you will find it. The words are waiting to be chosen by you!

Keep adding words to your list and focus on them regularly. You should make it your habit—a pleasant and useful habit. Your list of favorite words will become richer with the years, but it will also change over time because you change, too: your interests, views, and even your outlook on life all transform after a while. But you will always be inspired to alter things for the better through your favorite words.



Something as simple as words can change everything. First, we hear words and try to understand, then we start saying words, then we read them, write them, and use them to talk and think. And we do that all the time and until our very last days. Even before leaving this world, we tend to say some more words—our last words. Words are important. There is a great deal of books about words and their power, a lot of TV programs, and articles and videos on the web. People will understand the power of words even more in the future. Words can change it all and you can change your life with your favorite words.

The method of Favorite Words offers a number of benefits. Besides improving your mood and better understanding yourself, you can discover ideas for your next creations through your favorite words; learn new words or foreign languages; make a right career choice; or just play with your words for fun. They can also be used as your wishlist or affirmations and meditation helpers; you can use the power of social networking to find people with similar interests and values through favorite words; you can co-create the virtual worlds of words; you can get support for your writing or public speaking; you can find self-motivation; you can see only relevant ads thanks to your favorite words; you can use them to talk to your therapist or as secret codes between you and your closest friends or loved ones. We will discuss each of these benefits in separate chapters devoted to them.

People are different. So called “universal recipes” rarely work for everyone. One of the greatest things about Favorite Words is that it offers a unique approach for every person. Each of us has our own individual list of favorite words; your particular words will work specifically for you.

What you love in life is a set of signs to hint why you live and to figure out your individual meaning of life. Favorite words are the best indicators of your preferences, likes, and tastes. Through your favorite words, you can build a reflection of yourself to which you can refer when solving problems at various times.

Favorite words can heal and work miracles; your health and spirit depend on them. The words you choose to think with or express your thoughts by – and especially your favorite words – can give your life a true meaning.


Discover the magical world of favorite words.
Make their wonderful power work for you.

Change your life.
Make it better.
Enjoy it more.
And be happy.

You deserve it.

Now, let’s start.