Final Words

“A word is dead when it’s been said, some say.
I say it just begins to live that day.”
Emily Dickinson

Now you know it all about favorite words. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this book and I really hope it will help you improve your life. Maybe you’ve already started this exciting journey. Don’t forget, favorite words can work miracles! Keep enriching your list and play with your words as often as you can. Making a list of your favorite words is an enjoyable and enlightening exercise. Your life will never be the same again. You will love the results.

Sometimes, people ask me how I manage to be so happy; full of positive energy and leading a successful life. I tell them about my favorite words method and how it helps me. I’ve worked with my list of favorite words for many years now. When I feel bored or moody, I open it up, go through my list of words, stop by each and think about it, and my mood improves – I am not bored anymore. I usually get some inspiration to do something awesome. My words prompt me. Or when I am stuck and need some answers about my life or my future, I again open my list of favorite words and look at them with a new angle: Why do I like this word or that one? What does it tell about me? What direction should I take next in my life? I get the answers I need. Once I explain to people how it works, they become excited and tell me it’s brilliant. Sometimes, when I see them later and ask if they started collecting their favorite words, it turns out they hadn’t. It is even possible they might never. And I suppose I know the reason behind that. It’s a bit too simple for them. People think that to solve complex problems, they need complex solutions.

I offered you a very simple solution in this book, an easy method that can solve a number of significant and complex tasks. Just collect the words you like and use them for different purposes. It’s simple, right? Surprisingly, while a lot of people agree it’s simple, they love it, and they want to try it, these same people never actually do anything. I really hope you are not going to be one of them. And to make sure you will actually just start it, here is an ancient story that explains everything:

A man wanted to reach enlightenment and came onto the street of Great Masters for advice. He entered into First Master’s house and asked his question. The Master said: “Oh, it’s simple. You should go home, sit in front of a mirror and ask yourself one question: Who am I? Do it for half an hour every day and you’ll reach the enlightenment very soon.”
– “Is that it?” asked the man. He was surprised.
– “Yes, it’s that simple,” responded the Master. “But if you want to get another answer, there are other Masters living on this street.”
The man went to another house with his question. The Second Master said, “Oh, it’s hard. It will take a lot of time and a lot of work to be enlightened. In order to reach it, you’ll need to study from me for 5 years, every single day. You’ll need to work hard in my garden and make sure all the flowers are blooming and the grass is always green, you need to keep the horses clean, fed, and healthy, and you need to take all of my orders and follow them silently. If you fail with any of that, you’ll have to start over.”
It took the man more than 10 years to finally complete that hard and painful process but he did it. However, he didn’t feel that he had reached the enlightenment yet, so he asked his Master when it would finally happen. The Master said that he would need to go home, sit in front of a mirror and ask one question: Who am I? If he does that for half an hour every day, he would reach the enlightenment.
– “Wait a minute! That’s exactly what the First Master told me 10 years ago!” the man burst.
– “He was right,” calmly answered the Master. “But I guess it was too simple for you and since you needed a more difficult solution, I gave it to you.”

So, what do you think about trying a simple solution now?

You have the knowledge of what to do and how to do it, you have a great free tool at that you can use anytime and from anywhere. All you need now is to carry on this joyful process and enjoy the outcome. It’s simple!

Just think about it. It is indeed plain and simple. Let’s consider some examples. What do you need to do to lose weight? Everyone knows that. Eat less, exercise more. Why then, are there so many overweight people? Now, what do you need to do to stop smoking if you understand that it harms your health? Well, just don’t smoke, that’s obvious. Why then, do people keep suffering from this bad habit? Or maybe you want to be rich? Well, start a business that solves real problems, do it well, and you’ll be rich – it’s simple. Why then, are there so few rich people out there? There is one answer to all these questions: Because people don’t want simple solutions, they think it’s harder than that. People who want to lose weight learn all about possible diets and plastic surgeries. They read books and watch TV programs. Those who want to be rich go to trainings and seminars about business, visit dedicated websites, learn and think… and yet, they don’t do anything. Same applies to people willing to stay healthy, learn languages, travel, get rid of bad habits, find love, and succeed at work. They all are looking for the answer to how they can make it happen. Though all they need to do is… well, do.

Often people struggle getting started: exercise more, eat less, work better, stop smoking, or learn new stuff… How to actually start doing it without any more procrastination? Don’t be lazy, don’t think it isn’t worth it, don’t call it silly, don’t think it wouldn’t work – do it, it’s easy. At the end of the day, you will only get results when you actually start doing something. So, simply DO IT.

When it comes to Favorite Words, it won’t take too much of your time or energy, a few minutes a day, that’s all. The secret is this: you just need to keep doing this. You do it, you get the desired results, you don’t do it, you don’t get the results. Make sense?

Favorite Words is really as simple as it gets, yet the experience it brings is simply beyond compare.

So, here you go. Don’t wait, a journey of a thousand miles to happiness, success, inspiration, and good spirit starts with a first step. Now, make that step and favorite words will help you all the way through, they will make it happen for you.

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Shavkat Karimov
Founder of Favorite Words


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