Boredom Solution

Entertain Yourself, Boost Creativity, and Do What You Love


After visiting New York’s World Fair in 1964, Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction author, wrote an article for the New York Times called, “Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014.” In the piece, he imagined the progress humankind would make over the next 50 years. Here is something interesting he wrote:

“Even so, mankind will suffer badly from the disease of boredom, a disease spreading more widely each year and growing in intensity. This will have serious mental, emotional and sociological consequences, and I dare say that psychiatry will be far and away the most important medical specialty in 2014. The lucky few who can be involved in creative work of any sort will be the true elite of mankind, for they alone will do more than serve a machine.”

You can read his predictions here:

Asimov was pretty close in this prediction. I think boredom is an essential part of any well-developed world today. The more comfortable your life is the more boring it becomes. The more free time you have, the less you want to do anything. It is a real issue for many people even when they aren’t ready to admit it.

This is why so many self-development and business success books write about getting out of the comfort zone to achieve results. Only when you don’t have comfort, you brain starts working on a new level, you start finding stronger solutions to problems. “To create masterpieces the artist should be hungry,” – they say. Obviously, it’s not going to be boring anymore when it’s a matter of survival. There is simply no opportunity to be boring, there is no time for it.

There is a less radical answer to avoiding boredom than by causing a life-threatening catastrophe. Favorite Words is a good path to escape from the kingdom of boredom. When you feel bored, just go through your favorite words and choose what you can do to entertain yourself or to spend time more productively. It’s simple and it works. Moreover, just going through your words, stopping by each word and thinking about it or meditating with it, is a great way to pass the time, too. It’s all about you there, after all. Plus, at, you can play a number of cool word games. You won’t notice how quickly the time passed, only all the fun you had playing.

Give yourself a chance to relax and do things you love. Go for whatever improves your mood and makes you feel good. Remind yourself what it was that you really wanted to get but couldn’t when you were a kid. A railway model, a skydive session, a beautiful doll, a triple scoop ice-cream, your own island beach, a dog, a trampoline? Go and get it – do it now! You will soon realize that trivial things like a walk in the woods, a comedy movie, or game of ping-pong can make you happy. Make yourself into the gift you always dreamt of.

Do you like to give and receive gifts? Most people like both. But nobody likes getting gifts they don’t like. Nobody likes when gifts are boring or useless. solves this issue easily: it simplifies wish-lists. You can learn what gifts to give to your friends, family members, or colleagues by looking at their favorite words as their wish-list. You will always make the right choice and almost certainly will surprise a friend with your original gift. In contrast, other people will also have an idea as to what gifts to give you from your own favorite words and thus make you happy.

Words themselves can serve as great gifts too. You can craft the word from wood or clay or you can draw it and present it as a picture. It can be any other artwork as well; for instance, a 3d-printed one. Or you can create new words from the list of your friend’s words list and present those neologisms.


A great way to avoid boredom is creativity. Many of us come up with great ideas and projects, and those projects then need cool names and maybe even their own brands. Favorite words can help. You can combine a couple of your favorite words into one and create a completely unique brand name you really love (with a .com domain available for this name, which is rare these days.) Plus, going through your list of favorite words can generate a number of remarkable ideas for a new project, company, concept, product, or service.

Use your favorite words as brainstorming session jumpers. When you need an idea, your list can help you get started with that process. Try randomly putting together a few of your favorite words to see what happens: come up with an original business idea, a unique restaurant theme, a house concept, or even a magical animal. You never know, the result might just become the next iconic international brand. This exercise will greatly improve your ability to create fresh ideas.

Favorite words get you closer to your intuition, your inner voice. We all have a vast amount of amazing resources hidden inside us, but only a few of us can unlock the doors to these resources—our grand power to create. You need a number of unique keys for these doors. Favorite words are your keys; use them to unlock the power inside you and be amazed at the outcome: a continuous stream of great ideas.

It’s not just about coming up with ideas, but about creativity in general. Words create feelings and emotions, which lead to actions. That’s the main principle behind creativity, which is one of my favorite words, by the way. It’s about making something out of nothing. I believe it’s what makes us feel closer to God. God created us in His own image, after His likeness, meaning that we, too, can create. We can create a reality, our own personal reality.

We are all creative, including those who say they aren’t. We wouldn’t survive in our world if we didn’t come up with ideas. We need ideas for everything, from how to find a date to where to get money, from how to help a friend to what happens next to my book’s hero. Writing can serve as a good example, too. Your favorite words can help you come up with ideas or concepts for your writing, and even provide direction and purpose for writing anything from self-help articles to fiction. Favorite words can pull the trigger for creative writing.

You have a vault of ideas living inside you, waiting to burst into all the colors of the creative rainbow. Your favorite words are the elements, the keys that open idea-doors, the idea-flow mechanisms, and there are many of them. Synectics, TRIZ, lateral thinking, focal objects, list of 300, brainstorming, SWOT, morphological box, Osborn checklist, 5W1H, Harvey cards, SIT, wishing, six thinking hats, PSI, mind maps, SCAMPER, daydreaming, Google— Each of these fancy-sounding words and phrases represent strong unique creative methods. You can use the last one in this list to know more about each of these words and when you learn any of them, you will see that it can effectively help you find ideas and solve problems. Add it to your list of favorite words to faster refer to it in future.

Whether you’re thinking up a new brand for your business or simply picking out gift ideas for friends, favorite words are simply invaluable.


One of the cures from boredom is having an activity you’re fond of. All successful people have some activity that they steadily continue doing in order to keep themselves healthy and happy. Also known as a hobby, it could be morning running, evening fitness, daytime walks in the park, weekly ping pong, or monthly hiking. Anything really: yoga, chess, dancing, crosswords, basketball, reading, you name it. Whatever keeps you in physical, spiritual, or intellectual shape. Find your “activity formula” through your favorite words. Nobody gets tired of enjoying what they love doing; you won’t either!

What people choose as their hobbies derives from their personalities. If regular jobs are not always what people love doing, hobbies are. People always love their hobbies.

They say that your hobby could be something you should do professionally. Because you love doing it, you’d most likely succeed at that. On the other hand, most hobbies can’t make you any money; some, but not all. A lot of hobbies can actually make you good income if you are serious about them. A great deal of big companies started from what was just a hobby at first: Walt Disney, Harley Davidson, Martha Stewart Living, and Facebook, to name a few. That’s why it helps to have a number of hobbies to choose from: you can evaluate your hobbies to see which could become your main life’s activity. Look at your favorite words from that angle. Choose a hobby that can make you money. This simple action can be something life-changing for you if you are in the middle of choosing a career or don’t like your job. At the very least, your hobby can change the way you do things in other areas of your life.

People tend to consider you a more interesting person if you have a hobby. It also gives you something fascinating to talk about with others. Your favorite activity can help you avoid boredom and lets you meet new people with similar interests. It introduces you to a whole new world of personalities and experiences. You can use to find people with similar activities. Enter your hobby as a separate word or a set of words and the system will suggest other like-minded people with whom you can connect.

My hobby (and I hope yours soon to be) is collecting the words I like and going through my list of favorite words on a regular basis. It allows me to better know myself, improve my mood, get ideas, find like-minded people, and have a lot of fun.


Are you happy with what you do for living? If not, then this part is for you.

At some points in our lives, we need to decide what to do next. Our life work defines our destiny and gives a meaning to our existence. Our favorite words can help us decide what to do in life because we only need to do what we really love: the words will indicate what that is right away.

So, find what you love doing through your favorite words and do it professionally. Learn everything about it, and then practice, practice, and practice again. It can even be something original that will combine a few of your favorite words into one really awesome activity or business. People only succeed in life when they do something they truly love. You will be happy if these four elements are in place:

-  You do what you love;
- You are good at what you do;
- What you do helps other people;
- You get paid well for what you do.

By taking a closer look at your favorite words you will soon figure out which of them tell you about the activity you might want to do professionally. List them separately and see what career you might pursue or what business you can start. What work would you be happy doing?

Work is a grand word. Working is great, but some people don’t like to work. One guy once said: “I’d give everything not to work anymore!” And that’s exactly what happened to him. He didn’t need to go to work anymore because of a sudden disease, which kept him in bed for the rest of his life. He couldn’t spend his time with friends anymore. Picnics, parties, playing sports, road-trips were all in the past now. His wife left him. He really gave everything not to work and as a result grew miserable. They say, be careful what you wish for. I would add: When you use words wisely, you can better formulate your wishes. Words become reality. This guy still has a chance to wish for happiness and to do it right this time.

Back to Isaac Azimov’s predictions for 2014, the year this book you are currently reading was written:

“Indeed, the most somber speculation I can make about A.D. 2014 is that in a society of enforced leisure, the most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work!”

Is work one of your favorite words? If it is, here’s your quick way out of boredom right there. Work!