How to Benefit from Favorite Words


We have reached the main part: the benefits. What is the value of having favorite words and what can you do with them? Now, this is where it gets interesting. Certainly it helps to build your vocabulary and it surely is a fun exercise, especially if you have a fondness for words. But the purpose of Favorite Words is a bit more complicated and, yet, even somewhat simpler. You see, words have power, and when you collect your favorite words, they can evoke associated feelings and memories. They can improve your creativity and inspire life and career changes. Favorite Words can help you to understand yourself, find ideas, meet friends, and take action.

Contemplating your favorite words will help you know your likes and dislikes. What draws you in? What calls you? What resonates with you on the deepest level? You are an individual, and your favorite words may differ from other people’s faves. And this self-knowledge may help you make decisions, small and large. With them, your life, step by step, will take exciting new direction.

You can use your favorite words in a number of ways:

o        Self-Development:

Know yourself, set your life path, and find your mission.

o        Word Therapy:

Improve your mood, help your doctor help you, and be happy.

o        Vocabulary Enrichment:

Learn new words or new languages, become a better writer, speaker, and influence others.

o        Words of Power:

Motivate yourself and meditate with your words.

o        Boredom Solution:

Entertain yourself, create wish lists, do what you love, choose the right career. Find, enrich, and strengthen your relationships and have fun.


Now, let’s take a close look to each of the benefits offered by favorite words.