About the Author


Favorite Words was created by Shavkat Karimov, a serial web entrepreneur with a number of successful online projects and over 10 years in online marketing, SEO, buying and selling websites, writing, and filmmaking.

Although Shavkat earned degrees in International Law and in Film Directing and went on to create an award-winning shorts series and wrote a book about it, he recognized early on the entrepreneurial potential of the web and proceeded to build up a successful business powered by a network of many websites.

While Shavkat is one of the few to have developed a successful net enterprise, he has so far resisted pleas to brand himself as an Internet guru and develop a cult following, because, unlike many self-proclaimed gurus, he doesn’t need to make money by teaching how to make money.

When he is not snapping up websites or brainstorming strategic plans for new projects, Shavkat likes to keep his skills sharp by researching new technologies and developments in the fields of psychology, marketing, and social media.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Shavkat is fluent in Russian and Uzbek. English is his second language, a third one really. Shavkat was granted an American green card as an “Extraordinary Alien” by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. He divides his time between world traveling and residing in Bellevue, WA. Shavkat is married to his beautiful wife who provides him with much of the spiritual energy to manage his numerous projects and inspiration for new ideas. He is blessed to have wonderful parents and a great brother who have supported him throughout his entire life. He likes spending time and keeping in touch with his closest friends and relatives.

Shavkat loves fresh ideas, exciting games, interesting people, and funny things. His top favorite words are: Love, Fresh, Words, Lucky, Infinity, Fair, Startup, Interesting, Yes, Today, Favorite, Dream, Table Tennis, Ideas, and Freedom.