Three Most Favorite Words Research

When I started, one of the first things I did was an email research to find out which top three words people choose to be their favorites and why. The research with over seven hundred active respondents had shown that “LOVE” was the most popular word. The members of the website had chosen the same word to be their most loved as well. The most interesting part was in explanation of reasons behind the favored words. Let me share with the most interesting words and the reasons. Here goes the public wisdom:

(all the feedback is kept as is with slight edits for better readership and appropriateness; listed in no particular order)

1 concept (i sell it)
2 New (people always look for new solutions)
3 Money (i love to make it)

Frédérique S.:
My first word is love. The most important in the life. My second word is liberty…. the second thing what are important for me. And the third word will be respect……. why I think without respect is nothing to do in this life.

Ravi K.:
Petrichor – Because the word reminds me of the smell when it rains. Gives me a nice feeling
Sillage – Again makes me feel good when I read the word. A lingering feeling
Lethologica – So many go through this, yet very few know there is a word for what they feel

Eric O.:
Quagmire – I like how it sounds.
Bamboozle – it’s cool.
Squiggle – in most cases, it brings to mind a very clean item.

Becky B.:
1.). plunge ( very satisfying to say)
2.). Paparazzi (pretty word)
3.) Doofer (I use this word to indicate any inanimate object that I cannot think of the right word for at that particular moment – not sure if it actually a word, but I like it.

Abror S.:
it is religious. and it should be done by everyone for sins s/he has done in the history.
not everyday of my life is full of prosperity but i would like to see more days with it :). and i like how it is pronounced.
parents are the people who are the reason for what you are today. they care you, feed you, clothe you and smile when you smile, cry when you cry. those people are the most respected people in the world.

Nitin T.:
1. Subtle: the meaning itself is like the pronunciation of the word.
2. Energize: star trek fan, also it meaning is the very essence of life.
3. Nirvana: a big fan of the band and also it’s meaning is the ultimate goal of life.

Three of my favorite words are loquacious, statuesque, and repugnant.
I love these three words because they’re entertaining to say, they have a way of rolling off the tongue that’s very pleasing, and also because they’re great descriptive words.
When I hear the word loquacious it calls to my mind a colorful parrot jabbering away, probably because I associate the word with very outgoing and bright individuals as well as chatty people. The people I’d describe as loquacious are often very vibrant people.
To call someone statuesque is to beyond simple beauty. A person who is statuesque, to me, is not just beautiful but poised and regal. It brings to mind someone who is so elegant and striking that they deserve to be carved from marble.
And finally, repugnant, which is great word even if its meaning is ugly. It’s a word that makes your lip want to curl in disgust as you use it and just drips with disdain for whoever or whatever you’re using it against.

Aarushi S.:
LOVE : the very essence of our existence
MAA (MOTHER): I do not know why but this is a beautiful word for me
CHOCOLATE : I am a big foodie!

Adrian K.:
Righteous; because the occasion to use it is truly rare
Boom; because it’s fun to say
Fantastic; because it has potential for the future

Lindsay H.:
Really- because I’m always in disbelief at what ppl tell me or try to pass off as their own bullshit
Asinine- cuz there are some really stupid stuff out there and you can get away with calling it stupid if you use the fancy form of it
Idk or I don’t know- because my fiancé likes to ask questions and I just don’t know lol

Zhara H.:
1) ethereal – sounds fancy and delicate
2) naïve – I like those two dots over the i
3) disillusioned – I think it’s really lovely way of saying disappointed

Abby R.:
My three favorite words are as follows: “research,” “support,” and “loyalty.” I like them because (1) I, too, am a researcher; (2) one of my research interests is social support; and (3) I greatly value loyalty in my close and work relationships with others.

Aaron B.:
1.Live- because that’s what everybody wants to do
2. Love- because that’s genuinely what everybody wants to feel
3. Laugh- because that’s what makes life worth living for and to love and enjoy yourself

Hasti D.:
Life is awesome are my three favourite words because it brings a sense of optimism in me and makes me realise that inspite of all the hardships of my life my life is precious and I have to enjoy and cherish it to the fullest.

Nithesh P.:
Honest, Peace, Love
I want every one to be honest.
I always want to be in peace so that we can enjoy the life.
Love is the thing which can be share, it builds up an attachments much stronger than concert walls

Winnie F.:
1) Happiness => i believe that true success comes from or depends on how happy you are in your status in life
2) stress-free => a word so good to hear but too hard to reach/achieve.
3) friends

Abhijit C.:
1] believe (belief is very powerful)
2] appreciate (I believe in being grateful)
3] nature.

Ram K.:
My favourite words: Sapiophile, academe, bamboozle
Sapiophile because it is an invented word that best describes my sexual orientation; i.e. someone one who is immensely turned on by intelligence. Sapiosexual has also been used by some but I think Sapiophile would do nicely. Academe, because it is the universe that I live in and I love the origin of the word in the Plato’s Grove of Akademos.
Bamboozle for its onomatopoeic flow. It just oozes out of your mouth. And its widespread usage in India, especially in cricket commentary makes it one of my favourite words.

Harusha H.:
1) Awesome – Can be used in many context and nice complement to give and receive.
2) Hey – Can start many conversations
3) Ok – Can get you out of many bad situations

William T.:
Love- It signifies humility, care and belonging.
Hope- its gives optimism and endurance in life
Life- Because it is the experience of ups and downs. Life acts as the best teacher, Life is what you make it.

Rashmi A.:
1. Recommend – It is better than suggest as it indicates strength and experience
2. Love – I use it everyday to my little one
3. Thanks – Use it everyday to everyone. Cant live without it as help is needed all the time.

Wendy A.:
enchanting – I like the sound of the ch in the word and its meaning is delightful
sparkle – I imagine sparkle and it makes me smile – plus I like the sound of the word
bewitched – I like the thought of someone being under a spell or captured by charm and guile.

Chelsea O.:
Compassion – because I believe that is the only emotion that can not be faked.
Resilience – I think it’s important to be able to withstand the hardest of times.
Revenge – Because there needs to be a sense of fairness in this world.

Lisa H.:
Paris (wonderful memories from a trip there) Love (it connects everyone in the world) and truth (because that’s what we all seek).

Ajay D.:
Empathy-trying to be in some other person shoe.
Hallucination-the word itself gives that feel.
Wavelength-a word with many meaning.

Chikombe B.:
Love…thats what man needs In the end. Without it we are weak, we don’t feel whole. Love from friends, family,partner, or the supreme being the person belives in.
Happiness…thats what everybody wants. Many will say success in terms or financial stability, or a family. But if one is not happy in their journey to get those things or happy when they finally get them, what was the point?

Aditi G.:
1) wow – it expresses surprise, happiness and joy all together
2) Great! – it can be used to express so many different emotions…joy, encouragement…etc etc
3) positive – basically reminds me to have a positive attitude all the time.

Ade B.:
Its ‘well’- because in whatever situation I find myself; as soon as I
say this word, it gives me a kind of satisfaction knowingly that by God
grace it will always be well with my soul.
Make a ‘way’- This gives me reassurance that God will always provide for
my needs even when I don’t have enough.
I can do all ‘things’- In the middle of difficult with a heavy task
before me – Just say this because through Christ strengthen in me I can
do all thing with His divine power and grace for completion.

Nitesh C.:
1. credentials – not very easy to pronounce and leaves an impression on anyone who hears this.
2. sustainability – word sounds very official and corporate and given the fact that every industry, company, economy is looking for everything sustainable.
3. spiritual – Everyone in this stressful world is in search of peace and solace. End of life is spiritual and this is something which everyone wants but is lacking in most lives.

Zouheir A.:
- Knowledge because it’s a deadly friend
- Sincerity because it represent coherence between word and act
- Humour because it’s the most intelligent way to communicate

Aisha G.:
l love using Great to show appreciation for a task carried out successful.
l love using Wonderful to encouraged close associates.
l love using Thanks alot to show gratitude when favour are done to me.

Airene U.:
1. Discombobulating
-Simply because it is fun to say.
2. Immaculate
-I like this word because of its meaning.
3. Balloon.
-Again, like discombobulating, because it’s fun to say.

Winny H.:
- thank you
- sorry
- shopisticated
For the first two words are my favourite as it could changes everything. As for the third word I just simply like it.

Yvonne C.:
my three most favourite words are love, thank u and sorry. why i like the are(1) love= i want to show love to ppl n i want to be loved as well. (2) THANK U = it shows that you are appreciated n dt u also appreciate people’s gesture. (3) SORRY= It simply shows being humble and remorseful.

Cherry Q.:
LOVE- i want to love and be love. I’m a loving person
EXPLORE- i love adventure, i love interacting w/ people and i want to learn new things every now and then.
FREEDOM- to do all things i want and enjoy life as to what will came

Shirley P.:
Serendipity, because it invites good surprise
Gratitude, because it is the only attitude to live with.
Humor, because unless some have this they will be a bore.

Alex X.:
My top 3 words are growth, helpfulness, love.
For people, especially young ones. There is nothing more interesting than growing. It may be tough, may take away your time from hanging out with people. But it will eventually make you a better man.
Helpfulness. People may say the best thing in the world is to have a lot of money. Or travel to some places of interest and see the world. But nothing feels better than helping others in a way that you can make them better ones. You always know how much does your money worth, but we never know how invaluable your help could be. Coz it is always more than people coule imagine.
Love. I guess lots of people would say this word. And so do I. What is life if without love?

Ashley H.:
Imperfections ; Because it’s such a simple word, and every person alive has strived in the past to be absolutely perfect. This word is such a contradiction it just creates a sense of perfection.
Soliloquy ; It sounds like such an elegant word. It just rolls off your tongue. In reality the word is a monologue spoken to oneself and is usually truly elegant.
Inquiry ; I just think it’s a really pretty word(:

Priscilla M.:
Schadenfreude., ameliorate, ambiguous.. Not that these words are used every day, but they mean only one thing each.
Schadenfreude is taking satisfaction because someone is having a problem over something he/she/they did, and they deserved it!!
They took no steps to ameliorate the situation, just used ambiguous wording to get what they wanted. And they got caught.!

Marie A.:
Content- it is the desire of everyone on this earth.
Prayer- powerful and simple.
Passionate- this is a must to be happy.

“Takecare”- It MAYBE the last time we see someone.. So I use it in the end of every conversation..
“All is well”- Because I want things to be so..
“Cool”- I chant it like a mantra.. Staying cool in all situations is a must..

Andi H.:
My favourite words are
FLOWERS because they conjure feelings of beauty, love, peace and humanity.
ENVIRONMENT as it is the most essential and important aspect of our lives offering beauty, tranquility and inner satisfaction that I am doing my best to uphold the laws of nature.
SHARING being at one with nature is the ultimate in relaxation at the end of a hard days work if you call working on farms and with flowers hard work. It also incumbises the family where love exudes in the women in my life, my wife my daughters and my grand children.
SMALL as small as many of the flowers are that I work with they are still very significant in the web of life. Significant in my life and significant in their own small way. Often the beauty found in small things is more profound than the open simple beauty found in the larger organisms that surround me.
NATURE the all encumbising world to which we live is so powerful that I understand that we cannot control but simply are being dragged along by its all powering shifts against what we stand for in a material world.

Rose G.:
‘Fond’….. can express my general like or dislike without conveying too strong of an opinion.
‘Respect’…………..everything seems to tie back to that in one way or another.
‘Sure’….. a positive response that can keep any conversation/request short, light, and still show I am completely okay with it.

Sonny B.:
I like this word because I think so much people don’t have any, and I think that probably if more people understood what it was (what the word really means) and really looked within themselves and listened then they might be happier with themselves and their decisions.
I like this word because it is clear, it is not as vague and interchangeable as love as well as when you say it people know what you mean. Hate is vague cause apparently people can have a “love/hate” relationship.
lol now maybe this kinda ties back to lust, but I think of words visually and when I think of unbridled I see an endless field that is open for you to do anything in be as messy and happy as you want in. It just sounds like fun anything unbridled is fun.

Veronica R.:
1. Beautiful – because for some reason the word alone makes me imagine a sunny bright fields and amazing scenery
2. Cherish – it makes me think about childhood memories
3. Harmony – I think about peace

Amy B.:
1) Clearly: attention getting, gives the impression I will say something important when perhaps I won’t, perhaps it will just be funny
2) No: It means the same thing in so many different languages
3) Preponderance: multi-syllabic and fun to say, but never used in general conversations

Sybil C.:
* Damn (very useful and when I said it, it’s not just a word. It’s a ‘force’ when I can let go of my bad energy)
* Love (it’s gotta be Love isn’t it as it’s probably the most powering word)
* Gentrified (I like this because it signifies change that often we don’t really want…but the word probably ‘romantised’ it)

Rhonda M.:
Sporadic – I prefer this alternative to ‘random’, and just like how it sounds.
Equanimity – the word itself gives me peace of mind; clarity.
Wistful – the word creates the very feeling upon hearing it.

Patsy L.:
Words: love, live and learn! I believe that’s what life is all about. Learn, love, and live!

Chloe D.:
amorphous- everyone is this way; I like to think that we’re not stagnant, and this reminds me of that
melancholy- strangely relaxing and peaceful, reminds me of warmth in a cold place
sublime- it doesn’t sound like what it means the first time you hear it, but after awhile you hear the meaning

Anirudh B.:
Excelsior: Because of Silver Linings Playbook
Exterminate: Because i am a Doctor Who fan
Grandiloquent: Because its an ironic word

Chartree L.:
1. Power
I mean the power of your mind. You can choose your destiny by the way you think.
2. Love
This world is worthwhile living because the love the we all shared.
3. Volvo
The car I drive

Natalia G.:
gullible, I like the sound of it
love, the meaning of it
reckon (I) I like the phrase, it´s elegant.

Sabri I.:
1) time – what it signifies is a huge mystery so i like it.
2) ghost – probably because of its phonetic quality, it sounds great.

Phyllis S.:
Discovery: opens worlds of excitement, portals to adventure and endless opportunity
Understanding: offers hope, knowledge, peace of mind
Hope: dreams of what may come, power to succeed, always possible

Nattida S.:
-Inspiration: With this word I have a dream and an effort to achieve things
-Conscience: This needs to be with us all the time so that we will not d any mistakes in our life as every steps of life is precious for me
-Success: I like to hear, to be and to dream of it.

Angel C.:
Mate – the idea is a beautiful thing.
War – can be used to make some epic books and adventures.
Marriage- a vow made before God to love and protect another.

Angeline A.:
Faith Hope and love are the top three words which make life worthliving . Hope in life , faith in youself and God and love all your friends and dear ones makes world a beautiful place to live in.

Steffanie T.:
Apparently- gives a possibility of error
Huh- delivers sound and emotion effect
Yupp or Nope

Sneha J.:
1) Hope- At times people have lots of hope with certain things they desire for or they AIM for, but when the results that they are expecting does not turn out to be as expected, they start loosing hope and gradually their interest and their effort start decreasing for the aimed thing. I believe that everything has its own time and people should not loose hope for it and keep putting the same effort or work much harder for it.
2) Believe- Believe in what you are doing. If you do not believe in your own work then no one is going to notice you or your work.
3) SUCCESS- Ultimately, everyone wants to be successful in their own fields. Putting together Hope and Believe.

Rebecca L.:
Brilliant- sounds nice and bright, also because its beyond intelligent.
Amazing- positive word used in many ways to submit exclamation on almost everything.
Love- used as an endearing name… “Hello Love. How are you?”

Angie B.:
1. Kid. It can be a nickname,a term of endearment,a shared joke, a kindly reminder of a shared “goatlike” tendency, something to remind you that there is more to learn and that youth is ever present,the wonderful feeling of looking out for or being looked out for. 2. Revere. It almost can express EVERY heartfelt, all encompassing emotion to the “nth” degree. Love,respect,appreciation,ardour,lust,obsession,wonderment,friendship, family, whatever YOU are so passionate about and can’t explain accurately. It’s so BIG:) 3. Understand. When you Know it is. …and absolutely anything ending in “iggy”.

Panchi M.:
can make everything back to normal again…!

Ali J.:
Cahoots, because it sounds funny. Sassafras, because it also sounds funny. And crwth, because its a legitimate word that doesn’t have a vowel

Tina H.:
Absence – Sometimes “being” is stressful, so “absence” helps me clear my head and relax.
Colour – I like working with colour; there are many different combinations, and no one sees them in exactly the same way.
Roll – It’s nice to write and say, and I like the action, too.

Ayushi S.:
it reminds me of all the stories which my grandma used to tell.
it has a dreamy sound to it
its the first word i spoke

Tawanyh L.:
1. Salutations- an unusual way to start a conversation! Try saying this as an intro on Omegle and the reactions you will get will also make this word a favorite for you haha
2. Pulchritudinous= when someone says “you are pulchritudinous”, that person can rest assure you are the first to give that compliment to the person. It is kind of my signature word.
3. Sedulous= I think this word is quite stylish! Makes me think of silk and waves and its meaning is also a good way to describe me.

Allen A.:
1. Flesh- I like the way it rolls off the tongue when you enunciate it
2. Indubitably- it’s just fun to say
3. Thank you. Because if this is the only word you know, you can still make it through life

Jess Q.:
My three favourite words are love, believe and positivity.
If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want. If you’re positive, you will attract all good things, and more things to be positive about. I like the word love because it’s a really powerful word and I think it’s beautiful.
I also like the word “gratitude” because if you’re thankful for what you have, you’ll receive more things to be grateful for

Sweet M.:
My first favorite word would have to be melancholy. Simply because it sounds so cheerful but its meaning is quite the opposite.
Second would be pompous because I enjoy using it to describe people!
Last is serendipity because I like the idea of it and it’s also a fun word to say.

Ankit G.:
1. Love: May be because i believe that we can win any battle with love.
2. Conscience: It stops us from doing wrong,hurting others.
3. Mother: My creator,reason of my existence.

Tanya J.:
1) Spellbound ( i have learnt this word just now, and i love to use it)
2) Seriously ( i use it after every 2 minutes so its kind of my
favourite word)
3) Perfect ( this word like its meaning is perfect and i want
everything to be the same, i use it often and its one of my favourites)

Mariola R.:
1. Strength – as my strength of character has seen me through the toughest times of my life
2. Determination – which is I know will help me to achieve my ultimate goals in life
3. Happiness – is a state of mind which one can only experience when everything else in life is in perfect order…

Ziyana O.:
1- Thank you to express my expression as thanks of giving me oppurtunity and reward myself accordingly.
2. I’m sorry to express my humbleness and my mistake of making people feel uncomfortable.
3. Hye to invite be friends with me.

Sachi T.:
1.Dynamic – be energized whatever may come & to lead a dynamic life.
2.Be Positive – a positive outlook on everything can change the entire thing & will make life better
3.what next – whatever happened can’t be change ( the past) ;only thing to be done is what required next

Mina H.:
Prayer, a request for help and expression of thanks to God,
inspire, a motivation and encouragement
and delight, a joy or happiness, respectively, despite and in spite the realities of life.

Sarah F.:
1. Electric – the word sounds exciting upbeat and full of energy.
2. Interesting – I enjoy this word because it is versatile it can be used to describe something positive or negative.
3. Whimsical – I like the way the word sounds as well as its meaning.

Shella B.:
discrepancy – because it’s more formal to use this word than the word difference
intricacy – i really like to pronounce this word.
change – because the only constant thing in this world is change

Sarika V.:
why- as it is a word that brings new beginings.
smile-a word that can cause love and havoc.
smart-is seen as good and bad depending on the context in which it is used

Ruchit D.:
ASTROPHYSICS PHYSICS SUCCESS …. these are my 3 words that i like the most …. i like the word ASTROPHYSICS because it is what i want to become ….it is my dream to become an ASTROPHYSICIST and i love the word PHYSICS because it is the only thing that i am practising,learning and knowing from my childhood . In simple words PHYSICS is what i am living for and its my only interest. the last one SUCCESS … i like it because the word itself is UNIQUE from others …. as u pronounce that word a POSITIVE THOUGHT starts running in ur mind .. u see that word and u get MOTIVATED …. and the last but not the least U CANT DEFINE SUCCESS …. it is existing on this planet i n my different forms and that is what i like about it.

Harish N.:
Rendezvous.. It sounds cool b’cas its french hence like the word
Chill.. The word i use most often wit my buddies
Astounded.. My fav expression

Zelda D.:
Heart…as I love working with people with a Heart
Determination …. never give up!! Be determined in what you do and only compete against yourself
Forgiveness – people will never move forward in life if the can’t foret as we all make mistakes and need to learn from tem but unfortunately with our mistakes we can harm others without the intention.

Ange S.:
1. Food (I like to learn new recipees n greatly attracted to the colors added on them)
2.Fashion (girls always like new updates on fashion world)
3.Health (I personally feel health is something that tops my list)

Shiv R.:’m: because its the best word learn by me from my mother
2.feel it: because this words always gives me a courage to handle any situation
3.friends: jsut because i love my friends.

Sandeep G.:
1. ephemeral – I like this word because it seems to convey its meaning effectively, yet gently
2. benignity – This word reminds me of the teacher who taught me the word. She was the best English teacher I ever had
3. analogy – This one reminds me of a professor from my university who would help us understand many lessons by drawing “analogies” to our day-to-day lives

Gisore D.:
1. Determination
2. Perseverance
3. Persistence
They are what makes someone to move on in life, when in pursuit of a goal greater than his imagination.

Gary R.:
Cool – I often use it,
Good – I love this word
Awesome – I want to make things awesome.

Tamar K.:
My Favourite: Great! – ensures positive attitude; Thanks – ensures gratefulness; you – ensures care.
Commonly use: I, must/should and yes.

Chloe R.:
Happiness because I love the meaning of having no cares and just enjoying ur self
Climbing because I love to do it
Giraffe love how it is spelt with f because girraffes are very tall so are f I also love giraffes

Shan M.:
LONELINESS – FRIEND who never leaves
POVERTY – PERMANENT status which never leaves
ART – ENERGY DRINK which drives the day to day life

Jessie M.:
foxy- it can mean clever or attractive, both of which are complimentary in my opinion
tempestuous-it’s a stormy, passionate adjective
love-it’s my favorite emotion in all of its wonderful forms

Nebojsa Z.:
The first is fortwith. I have heard this while playing video games very often. Second word is challenge, because I love them. Third is wind, because when I think about random word, it’s the first one to come to my mind.

Shelley G.:
I love the word AWESOME. It can be used to describe things way out of my radar or thought processes, or my friends and I use it to tell them how I feel about them or their achievements, especially if they do something I have never been able to do, or when I personally experience something that made me feel so deeply. To me it also describes the positive feeling I have towards God, our Eternal Creator, and His son Jesus.
GINORMOUS. I really love this word because it uses two words smashed together and describes things that are larger than life. I really felt this perspective when I recently traveled to NYC. That area is literally Ginormous, there is no other “word” to describe it’s enormousness. (I don’t think that is technically a word)
LOVE. Covers it all doesn’t it? It is a verb, a noun, and adjective, an adverb, and tells of how my spirit and heart feel about things, people, places, and life. I am happy we have a word that somehow conveys how we feel deep inside our squishy selves, and others can somehow relate, even though they cannot know exactly what you are saying or feeling.

Amanda L.:
favorite words are forgiven, it brings me peace to know im forgiven by God , cross , its amazing to know Jesus Christ was hung on a cross cuz he loved us all , light, God brings so much light into the dark days.

Soha Z.:
Love, mercy, peace
Because their meanings are vanishing from our world, so I’m using them as much as I can to remind people they still exist, and we must use them.

free: it means you can do what you want within legal frame;
health: a healthy body and brain is the base of any other things;
family: i love my family soooo much.

Pascal E.:
1. Confidence
I Love this word because it always motivates me to look away from myself. This word infuses me with power.
2. Justification
This word constantly reminds me of how my Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins and resurrected for my Justification as seen in Romans 4:25
3. Action
This word is a fuel to my ideas. there many ideas I have but without actions they are mere illusions. Action is all I need to see the result of my ideas

Michelle O.:
truth — it embodies honesty, sincerity, authenticity. it’s how i want to live and what i look for in people.
integrity — just standing by doing what’s right over doing things for profit, popularity, etc.
joy — when you live, love, and laugh with no inhibitions you have joy.

Neeraj M.:
1. Attitude- If we have positive attitude we can achieve anything in our life, it helps us when we are going through the bad phases of life also.
2. Success- success is the path through which every individual has to travel. if you stop you loose, and you can only become successful person if you keep moving forward.
3. Responsible: If everyone understands his/her responsibility and take the ownership then nothing is impossible.

Anvi D.:
1. Apparently- because this one word becomes the answer to many questions. The sarcastic tone it gives is awesome.
2. Whatever- this word Is a saviour out of arguments you don’t want to have and conversations you don’t want to continue. It doesn’t indicate giving up but that you’ve had enough, so it’s a useful expression.
3. Beautiful- this word is used often but it is still unparalleled. By stressing on the vowels while speaking this word or by using it sincerely beats all the other substitutes that this word has developed.

Sue A .:
Mcfly, because it has been my favourite band for half my life.
Penguin, because they’re cute and my fave animal
Waffle, because it sounds weird

Xyle R.:
First word that I like and mostly used is the word WOW! I’m not sure if you could say it is a word or just an expression. This is the word I used most of the time, especially when I am caught by surprise. Be it a positive or a negative reaction.
Second and third word I like is the words FAMILY and LOYALTY. This word is something I value so much. I love my family and it is above all the things that I prioritize, of course next to God. And when it comes to my family, you can always expect me to be loyal to them. No matter what happens, I am there to stick to them and support them.

Pushpa J.:
01. Mother- no limit for her love.
02. Father- need his advices to life.
03. Effort- we can achieve targets.

Meltem Y.:
Fragile: sounds nice and reminds me my childhood and my late black female cat
Precious: sounds nice and reminds me my kids
Choice: sounds nice and reminds me the illusion of free will.

Brian O.;
1: Family, I love family cause whenever I here the word my minds goes straight to the group of people I love most in the world.
2: fame, maybe cause I want to be famous, haha
3: Legend: cause I love hearing stories of legendary people.

Susan O.:
My favourite words would have to be ‘Eloquently’ I like this word because it a word that describes itself.
‘Compassion’ it something that sounds like what it is.
‘Unique’ it’s for the same reason I like eloquently.

Wilfredo T.:
Travel: I used to walk, take an adventure trip…simply like to move from place to place!
Faith: the world is full of belief. However I firmly stick on my belief.
Knowledge: there are lots of bright people on earth, because of this “gifts” they’ve received from God, they’re even want to beat Him.

Abbas K.:
Love : because i think this word is the best word in world
God : because my god help me and love me and love all American
or iranian not important.god love all
Peace :because this world forget it and miss early

David M.:
1. Goal ( because no matter how much time and effort it takes i finally achieve them)
2. Respect ( the basis of mutual understanding)
3. Iron( reminds me o Bismarck)

Aisling K.:
Epic: A word so small is used to convey something so big.
Serendipity: For it’s meaning and musical sound.
Disingenuous: Again the sound the word makes.

Mark T.:
- Midwifery; a funny sounding word for a serious occupation
- Mnemonic; the unusual construction
- Trollop; hurtful yet quaint

Vera S.:
Love – being in love with the right person is nice
Patience – because if you are patience, everything you need falls in place when you least expect it.
happy – it is a good feeling to be happy

Lebo N.:
My three favourite words are happy because that creates a positive feeling within me. I always smile when I hear, see or speak that word. Perseverance because that word makes me feel like working hard, no matter what it is I am doing. It also helps me to focus on my goals, wishes or dreams and to make them come true. Persistence, because that word makes me feel that no matter what hardships, trials, tribulations I go through, if I continue to work at something with complete dedication, then I will make it.

Ping K.:
1. Money: because I’m always in need of it.
2. Food: because I enjoy eating and love to experience new foods from different countries.
3. Animals: because I love them all and work to uphold their rights.

Marque P.:
It is a Turkish word which means something which rotates – as in a döner kebab for example. But apart from the meaning, it just has an inexplainable jazz. It is short and when you say it (please don’t mispronounce it “doner”), it sounds like a word you know, but a split second later, you have the experience of, “wait-a-minute, what was that again?” Needless to say, I use it a lot, and only in nonsensical ways. I cannot read nor utter this word without it putting a smile on my face.
A Danish word, that sadly can’t be simply translated to English. Its direct translation is “surplus”; when you have more than you need. However its actual use is more along the lines of confidence, energy, pizzaz… Basically when you can’t be touched; nothing bothers you and you are just up for anything. I write this word (which neatly breaks down into two parts of 4 letters) on my knuckles like a fake knuckle tatoo.
A more straight forward word. At least it is an actual English word. I love it because meaningwise it sums up my person – while still phonetically sounding fun and whimsical.
I could go on, but you asked for three, so three it is.

Rachael S.:
Well, my first and foremost favorite word is integrity and it’s because of the meaning of the word…I love it! My second would probably be epiphany because it reminds me of one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had and third…..serenity, once again because of it’s meaning.

Tongsmangs D.:
a) Love: This word should be in circulation because the need love. It take love to eliminate hatred.
b) Integrity: This quality is in short supply around the world.
c) Generousity: This is what leads to care and kindness

Reality: we all have to face the reality although we have dreams for so many things in life.. Finally reality replace all dreams.. Even good or bad we have to accept it..
Love: in every stage of our life we search for different forms of love.. If we couldn’t find it we suffer a lot.. So love is one of the most important, most needed aspect in our lives..
Happiness: none of us like to be sad.. We all want to be happy in every moment..

Mary W.:
Love. This is my favorite word because it represents my zest for others and hopefully our
Emotional quest for mutual
Family. Building a family has been my greatest joy.
Commitment. Work ethic, dependability, faith in God, and doing one’s best are all based on this.

Janice W.:
Love-it speaks to our hearts and is what the world needs to be a better place
Perseverance- this is the key to success, never give up…keep at your dream
Life-it’s a journey, experiences, our interactions, its our finite time in an infinite world…how we live our life determine the mark we leave behind, our happiness, peace, joy and helps with character building

Maureen D.:
Family — the most important unit in our lives … set the tone, good or bad, for how we live our lives & for me, the most important people in my life
Team — we need to work as a team in our endeavours throughout our lives … whether it is on the court or field … or in our companies or organizations … make it a lot more fun too
Enthusiasm — do what you do with passion & enthusiasm … & whatever is done will be done with love & won’t feel so hard to do

Mea A.:
my top three words are Thanks, Love and Heaven.
thanks, i love this word because i love the feeling of being appreciated, when im stressed and then someone say thank you to me , i feel that all my efforts are worth it and i also know that saying thanks can overwhelmed someone.
Love because , its really great word , and i love being loved and also to loved specially if they loved you back. every time i heard of the Word Love, i remember my Savior Jesus Christ that so loved us so much!
and Last is Heaven, because I wanna to go there, i would love to be there for eternity, for i know my Lord is There.

Shehrin N.:
I have four favorite words actually and the words are: Shopping: I love doing shopping because I find it to be amusing
Baba: this is what I call my father
Food: I love different kinds of food
Sleeping: That is my most favorite pastime

Sonia B.:
1. Sonia
Reason: What can I say? I love my name!
2. Success
Reason: Who doesn’t like success?
3. Intellect
Reason: It is what I value most.

Salif T.:
Win: because nobody wants be in losing team, therefore if anyone wants be leader such us my case, you must be winner; people would want to fallow winner.
Focus: because I believe everything can be done if we allocate enough resources and time.
Freedom: because I believe that through freedom we can achieve lot of things, the new private enterprises will emerge, the society would be better off. I don’t think we need some commissaries to tell us what to do. We must not expect everything from states because the states can’t do everything for us.

Asma L.:
My first word is honey, because my ex called me honey (I will never forget).
The second one is Mathematics because it is my specialty :) .
The last one and the best one is Mother, because she gave me life and she cared about me all the time.

Rahul H.:
Love – Cuz it’s the most beautiful emotion/feeling
Happiness – Cuz life’s amazing wen ur happy
Sex – Cuz u can feel the love n be happy at the same time!

Bao N.:
“I” without the word “I” certain individuals attempting to express themselves in a first person format would not be able to do so.
“Contemplate” the word “contemplate” means more than the word “think” and goes in depth. Contemplating as a means to wrap your mind around that subject and retain the knowledge.
“Ponder” to think about a certain subject, as a means to the word curious.

Trisha T.:
These words mean a lot to me because I don’t use them very often. They carry a weight that I could never take for granted. It’s rare when these words touch my lips but they are always in my mind, so when I do say these words, I really do mean them.

Stephen S.:
Awesome is like ‘great’ on steriods, its better than great, its wonderful,
inspiring and great together.
Awareness is something that comes from self work and introspection. To be
aware is to be conscious, awake, fully alive, an asset to society
Love is our natural state, our essence, the very word is warm and nurturing

Anku P.:
1.optimistic: which shows positivity in it self.
2.Best: which tells us to do much better
3.Holidays:which shows relief in a tight schedule

Rujina J.:
1.HOPE, because i believe in having it.
2. AQUAMARINE, as I love water and
3. MAGIC, since I believe in it.

My favorite word is “butterfly”. I like it because it I like what it represents but also because it sounds like a switch of the first letter of the compound word “flutterby”. Then I came up with a hypothesis that, since it’s such a cool creature, and I knew the French and Spanish words for it, “papillon” and “mariposa” respectively, it must have a cool name/word in very language.
I found the even the German language, which I don’t find beautiful, has a beautiful word: “schmetterling” and Norwegian is “sømmerfugl” which means “summer bird”, but even more amazing to me personally, is that my maiden name is “Fuglestad”, and part of it is in the Norse word for butterfly! And that’s after I made my hypotheses. Many languages repeat a syllable, Japanese: cho cho, Vietnamese: bum bum (tone goes up on second), Hebrew: par par, Tagalog: paro paro. And of course, sign language is what I use when learning the new word from someone who doesn’t speak English well.
I also like the word “Jesus” or “Yeshua”. For who he is in my life.
And I love the word “freedom”. On so many levels. What it represents, the experience, the hope.

Rashi R.:
1) Victorious: My best friend’s name is Victoria and every time she finishes something or wins something she says she is victorious and I stuck with me.
2) serendipity: The film serendipity was a movie that I enjoy.
3) glee: i looked up the word when i was into the glee series and it easily fits in essays or projects that I write really easily

Rochana L:
People mostly follow three words in their life especially me.They are:Friends, Thanks and Love..without friends we would feel lonely , and thanks is a feeling of gratitude which one expresses and Love is a universal word which applies for all relationships.

Deb A.:
My favorite words are: BELIEVE! POSITIVITY! LOVE.
I love the word believe because it makes me see hope in the presence unpleasant things, it also makes me have faith and hold on to my dreams. This word build strength in me.
I love the word positive because I have grown to see things change some rapidly, some not but being positive make them come to pass in the way you believe in.
I love the word LOVE because it makes the world go round. You get back as many of the love you give in any way how ever little. I love daily… Nature, pple, mails, music, books, etc.

Alex M.:
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – I love it because it’s a 67 letter word that means the fear of long words.
2-monosyllabic- another ironic word. A word which defines other words that have only on syllable, but it in itself has more then one.
3- Calliope- I like the way it sounds, and it seems like a fun name for a fantasy character (or a muse )

Norliana I.:
1. Good Morning – wishing this every morning may cheer the whole day of the person who we greet.
2. Good Night – wish to ur loves e.g parents, kids, spouse, siblings – to strenghten the relationship.
3. Hi – to greet people. To start a conversation.

Amy M.:
1) “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” – its just so ironic
2) “toasty” reminds me of home
3) “escapade” just the thoughts of adventure

Sunil K.:
My favourite 3 words are learn, create and peace. Pure learning that comes from the depth of our own consciousness gives me joy. Creation in any form is another source of joy for me. I like the word peace because that is the goal of all my endeavors and pursuits. Learning is useful if it helps create peace in our lives. Peace can be created through right learning. Creative learning is the source of joy and peace.

Anjalee S.:
Love: this is because it is only word which bind 2 hearts together.
Family: anything will happen but family will always be with us.
God: it gives me strength and hope to have faith in all the disappointments.

Melissa O.:
Amazing-I like it because I can almost describe anything and everything with that word in a positive way.
Management-I like this word because I would like to have more and more understanding about this word and how it affects every part of my life.
Strategy-I love this word, because if you do not have a strategy for any part of your life, you may as well be dead.Strategy is what helps anyone to map out their lives in a good way, if they really want to make the best out of it.

Jessica E.:
1) Discombobulating
It is fun to say.
2) Flabbergasted
It is another fun word.
3) Freudian
I like that it is a German word used in the English language – among other words like Kindergarten and Hamburger.

Raphael M.:
1. Meek-its a character i look for in friends/workmates and also uphold personally.
2. Toxins-influence by my viewing of too much National Geographic documentaries
3. Squalid- to describe the households I was in when I worked as an enumerator in a slum some time back.

Ronel D.:
Skeptical- i want that kind of word it is because some person are not and easy to convience , even it is already good for them.
Scarstic- i also like this kind of word to say sometimes since it is oppsite the trueth or false, like our soul and mind sometimes we lie to out self.
Worst- good or bad its getting worst…

Abhirami V.:
universe- I love this word because i like researching about the universe and it’s origin.
Champion-I like this word because it motivates me a lot and empowers me.
Math-I like this word cause I love this subject.

Alexander K.:
Logic – I like logic, because as I recon it should rule the world.
Paramount – this sounds beautiful, and has beautiful meaning.
Ghoti – its a clever word, since humor is quite intellectual art.

Areliz R.:
Abstract- because it really puts in perspective what something looks like.
Create- because it gives you the chance to make something original.
Love- because I love love.

Ashton H.:
Love is my most favorite word. Not just for saying to family or loved ones, but for everything. There is something beautiful in how this particular word requires such a specific movement of both the mouth and tonuge.
My next favorite word would probably be awesome. It can just be used for everything regarding the most positive of explanations!
and last, Godsend. It means so much more than what people use it for. It’s just a wonderul word to have access to.

… (more to come!)


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