About Favorite Words

There are millions of words in many different languages that we all deal with throughout our lives from our childhoods until our last days. Some of these words stand out by giving us positive thoughts and emotions. They may represent a favorite object or activity, mean something special to us, or simply sound awesome. They are our favorite words.

At FavoriteWords.com, we offer a fun and safe way to take all those words that you like for whatever reason and put them on a list, which you can access and edit anytime and from anywhere.

Favorite Words is really as simple as it gets, yet the experience it brings is simply beyond compare. All you have to do is think of your favorite words and add them to your list. As long as the words ring a bell inside you, they're good to go.

What is the purpose of this, you ask? Certainly it helps to build your vocabulary and it surely is a fun exercise, especially if you have a fondness for words, but the purpose of Favorite Words is a bit more complicated and somewhat simpler than that. You see, words have power, and when you collect your own favorite words, they can evoke feelings and memories that you associate with them; they can also improve your creativity or even show you the way in your life and career.

Now, imagine having a whole list of these words at your fingertips. Instead of relying on memory or randomly spotting them in some reading material, or a casual conversation, you can look any of these words up on a list that you can access anytime.

That's what FavoriteWords.com is about. It's a free website with a mobile app that lets you make a list of your own favorite words, a list that you can edit or browse through whenever you want.

But it doesn't stop there. Aside from acting as a sort of a diary, a creativity booster, or a mood-lifter, it also acts as a social coach of sorts because Favorite Words actually connects you to like-minded people all over the world. The app looks for people who have words in common with you hence the connection isn't just random.

So take time to get to know yourself better, to be yourself better, and to meet people with whom you have a lot in common. Make your own list of favorite words with FavoriteWords.com. It's all FREE, so it's definitely worth a try!